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you might say im pretty hardcore…sometimes i battle legendary pokemon without saving beforehand

there’s a difference between hardcore and downright reckless

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i’m ready to go and catch myself a boyfriend


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I like the Chairzard and Swampert the best~

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-I’m going to great lengths to watch Rupaul’s Drag Race online right now.

-Haven’t been on tumblr in a while cause I’ve been working a lot lately and I’m getting ready to battle the Elite Four on Pokemon soo you know how that goes… 

-~~Did some doodles~~

-I’m learning how do framing at my job and it’s the most enjoyable and satisfying work I’ve done in a while and I’m excited to learn all the new stufff. cutting glass is my favorite thing~

-Still can’t find Drag Race.

-Didn’t know there was a new season of Faceoff, thanks for the heads up Syfy.


my little starter babies are all grown up now, gettin’ ready for some Elite Four smack down soon~~

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